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Personal Stories




Best greetings to you,


I am Lamin Fofanah the nurse anesthetist from Sierra Leone who has benefited greatly from your donations to Surg+Restore charitable organization. I wouldn't have been to this level if not for your benevolent sacrifices.


I am writing to thank you and appreciate your effects and your donations are also used judiciously.


I have just concluded a two year BSc programme in Ghana. I am presently in Makeni, Sierra Leone making use of the available opportunities to bring change in the field of anesthesia in my country. 


There is no further pathways for nurse anesthetist in Sierra Leone that was why I had to go to Ghana and hence most of our colleagues are diverting from the discipline to other related courses. Which will send a bad signal against our fight.


Anesthesia is one of the few medical courses that is not well understood and is in its preliminary stage in Sierra Leone, and 98 if not 99% of the anesthesia is being provided by nurse anesthetist in both urban and rural areas, hence the essence of my dissertation on the topic "Upgrading the diploma in anesthesia to BSc programme in Sierra Leone, is there a need"? You shall surely get a copy when completed.


Looking forward to seeing you in the near future and we will try our very best to implement all we are taught to see how best the field of anesthesia can be understood and safely administered to bring a positive change which is our goal.


My regards


Fundraising Drive

Fall 2018

Every fall Surg+Restore raises funds to provide necessary training resources and or the equipment needed to support the residents in their trainings. This year Surg+Restore raised monies for the purchase of a CPR mannequin and an intubation mannequin to be used in the residency program at the University of Sierra Leone Teaching Hospitals Complex (USLTHC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Residency Program Director Eva Hanciles, M.D., FFARCSI, FWACS conveys the department’s appreciation.

Dr. Mohamed Kargbo

Surg+Restore Cleft Surgery Repair

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